decoupage and crackling varnish decorated jewelry boxes

Decoupage tutorial for beginners

In Decoupage by Aleksandr

Decoration allows creating items for your house and as well as making presents. This hobby lets express yourself and have fun socializing. Communities on Internet share ideas and tutor one another internationally. Recycling is another good point in favor. In addition, it does not make you spend a fortune to try it.

Decoupage technique

Decoupage is a decoration by gluing paper prints and varnishing in a way to make prints look hand painted. In XVI century crafter needed 30 to 50 layers of varnish to achieve the look. Modern technology makes life easier. Today it will take you about two hours to complete a simple project in this technique.

Workshop for beginners

you will need following:

  • Paper napkin with print or decoupage paper
  • Primer White Daily ART
  • You will need paper napkin with print or decoupage paper
  • Daily ART Matt Paints in this project I use colors creme, cornflower blue, carmine, dark brown, saddle brown and lemon yellow.
  • Daily ART Decoupage Glue
  • Daily ART Varnish Gloss
  • Daily ART Glazing Medium Matt
  • Synthetic Brush size 8
  • wooden plague
  • sanding paper
  • small scissors
  1. prime wooden plaque

    prime wooden plaque

    paint with creme color

    paint with creme color

    Prime wooden plague with Primer White. New wood is porous, absorbs the paint and often requires multiple coats of paint unless primed first. Save your time and paint by using Primer White.
  2. Let it dry for 15-30 min.When wood meets water ( all products used in this project are non-toxic and water based) the wood grain raises. After the primer is dry gently sand the surface with abrasive paper.
  3. Cover the surface with  creme color paint. Let it dry for 15-30 minutes.
  4. cut rice paper

    cut rice paper

    glue rice paper

    glue rice paper

    dry decoupage glue

    Pick printed rice paper or a napkin. In this project, I used rice paper. I chose print with a flower pot. Choose a print that fits you project size.Cut it out precisely.

  5. Put a print on the surface and apply Daily ART Decoupage Glue on top. Start working from the center of print moving to edges.
  6. Now let’s create the background. I will name the colors I chose for my project. Depending on the picture you are using you might want to pick up other colors. Mix paints with Daily ART Glazing Medium Matt in proportion 50/50. Your colors will become transparent.
  7. add colors to backgound

    add colors to background

    decoupage flowerpot

    after adding lemon yellow paint

    Take carmine color and make few places around flowers in the picture. Use mall amount of mixture of paint and glazing medium. Let it dry for 3-5 min.
  8. Add cornflower paint diluted with glazing medium. Allow cornflower blue overlap some places already painted with carmine for pastel violet shade to appear. Let it dry for 5 min.
  9. Time to draw a table under the pot. Use Saddle Brown mixed with Glazing Medium Matt and move brush only horizontally. You will see the brush strokes are left. While the Saddle Brown is still wet att few strokes of Dark brown color n horizontal direction. Let dry for 3-5 min.
  10. Add creme color mixed with glazing medium. Make few brushstrokes on the table in the horizontal direction and add some paint around flowers. Move from flowers to the edges of the plaque.Let id dry for 5 minutes. Remember for natural look always make part of picture lighter than the other one. For this project add more creme color on the left.
  11. Any object has a shadow. The pot with flowers also should have it. Take dark brown color mixed with medium and paint a darker spot under the pot at the right side. Make few short strokes. Let dry.
  12. I love Lemon Yellow Color. I had never made a single project where I would use it as the base color. Should try it one day. I prefer using lemon yellow for adding shades and mixing it with other colors. Paint few spots of Lemon Yellow mixed with the Glazing Medium in proportion 30% paint/ 70% medium. Let the decorated surface dry.
  13. Cover the surface with Daily ART Gloss Varnish. leave to dry for 30 minutes. Varnish will protect the surface and add a glossy finish. For especially smooth finish make 2-3 layers of Varnish.