country crackling

Country crackle medium application tips

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One of the favorite tricks decorators use to create an aged look is making natural looking cracks using Country Crackle Medium. If you apply acrylic matt paint on top of the layer of Country Crackling Medium, the paint cracks as it dries.With the use of the single bottle of Country Crackling Medium, you can get different shape and size cracks.  Here are tips for those, who prefer plan ahead and take control, rather than wondering what effect you get this time.

Prepare object for painting

The object should be prepared for painting, regardless of shape or size of cracks you want to achieve. Prime object before painting. The Primer will prevent Country Crackling Medium from absorbing to the porous surface such as cardboard and wood and ensure even application on a slick surface like glass.

Factors affecting the size and shape of the crack

Thickness of layer of Country Crackling Medium and drying time of Country Crackling Medium

  • A thicker layer of Country Crackling Medium will take longer to dry and give larger cracks.
  • The result depends on how long you let Country Crackling Medium to dry. If you apply paint at once after the medium is dry “to the touch” about 15 minutes for a thin layer the cracks will be large and broad. If you let Country Crackling Medium to dry for 3 hours, the cracks will be delicate and medium-sized. In case a layer of Country Crackling Medium is left to dry for more than one day, cracks will usually, be gentle and tiny.
    country crackling drying time 15 min vs drying time 2 hours

    country crackling drying time 15 min vs drying time 2 hours

Tip: You can significantly speed up drying time of Country Crackle Medium by using a hairdryer. Keep hair dryer not closer than 20 cm to avoid overheating the surface. When overheated Country Crackle Medium can boil and change color to white instead of transparent. Move hairdryer spreading the hot airflow to avoid Country Crackle changing color.

The best solution to avoid overheating is to warm up the surface with a hairdryer for 1-minute and then pause for 5-10 minutes. Repeat 1-minute drying session. You will speed up the drying without of risk overheating. Besides, you will have your hands free for 10 minutes.

Thickness of paint used for the top layer is significant for size of cracks

country crackling medium thickness of paint

country crackling: thicker the paint larger the cracks

When thick paint used for the top layer will cause large and broad cracks. When using liquid paint small cracks will appear.  Do trial decoration before taking a big project. If cracks are too large, dilute paint with water. When you need a thicker paint, a good idea is to add white paint, as white color is usually thick. Remember it will effect color.

Tools used are important

country crackle medium large vs. small brush

country crackling medium large vs. small brush

The usual recommendation is to use a flat soft synthetic brush for application of the top layer of paint. Many decorators prefer using a brush made of pony hair.  If you want to get many gentle cracks, take a small brush (up to size 12). A Larger brush will result in broader and fewer frequent cracks.

Direction of application

Always remember in which direction you applied the Country Crackling Medium. Form of cracks depends on which direction you apply paint. The recommended use is to apply paint in perpendicular direction or opposite to the application of Country Crackling Medium.

country crackling medium different direction

country crackle:paint applied in perpendicular vs opposite direction

What paint to choose for the top layer? Ideally, use the paint made by the same manufacturer as medium for cracks. There is no common standard for artist and decorator mediums. Country Crackling medium will not force an elastic paint to crack. Often metallic or glossy paint does not crack. If you do not have Daily Art matt paint, do not worry, make a trial with another acrylic water-based matt paint. Most of the matt paints will crack on Country Crackling medium.