decoration of wooden vine box wood stain, transfer of print, decoupage

DIY tutorial: vintage style wine box

In Decoupage by Aleksandr

Google Trends states “Vintage” as the hottest trend in interior design. Google Search data shows there’s more interest in “vintage” and “antique” than any other styles for searches related to furniture. Looks like the nostalgia took hearts of everybody. Google Trends also mention that the top search for Vintage is  “how to make furniture look vintage.”

Many think that anything that is old is vintage. But it is not quite true.  The vintage era is 1940’s-1950’s. This is warm, a cozy style that mixes  elegant furniture with some distressed looking items.To create the Vintage style at home. Pick Floral or bold patterned  wallpaper and home textiles, and  blend pastel colors and use only a few bright accents. Wooden floors and painted wooden furniture is another must for this style. Vintage style requires the use of many home decor accessories. To save your budget, and make a perfect fit to the interior make it yourself. This tutorial will guide you on how to create an accessory for interior in vintage style.

tutorial wood stain and transfer final result

For this project you will need:

  • Daily ART Wood Stain Brown
  • Daily ART Matt Paint color flower white
  • Daily ART Decoupage Glue Matt
  • Daily ART Matt Varnish
  • Daily ART Bitumen
  • napkin with print
  • laser (or toner )made reversed image
  • Daily ART flat synthetic brush size 12
  • Daily ART round foam brush size 30 mm
  • wooden wine box
  • sanding paper 
  1. object for decoration

    object for decoration

    Here is the  wooden wine box I will decorate. My husband got a bottle of cognac in a wooden box as a present. The box at once became my asset.  If you do not have one you can buy a new one in many DIY shops.

  2. apply wood stain

    wood stain

    Color all the surface with Wood Stain Brown. Use round foam brush for this. Leave to dry for 1 hour.

  3. Cover the surface with flower white color, or use any other pastel color. Let the surface dry for 1 hour.
  4. paint on top of wood stain

    wood stain colors top layer of paint unevenly

    Wood Stain will migrate to paint and cause darker spots on the surface. To sharpen the contrast polish gently with sanding paper. Add few drops of water. Water will make the Wood Stain migrate again.

  5. Cover the surface with Matt Varnish. Let it dry.
  6. Find a vintage style  image on web. Make it reverse.Many image editing software would call this function flip horizontal. Here is a great service to flip your image online
  7. apply varnish and put paper face down

    apply varnish and put paper face down

    roll off paper with fingers or foam brush

    roll paper off

    print transfer result

    print transfer result

    Cut out the print leaving 1 cm around the picture. Cover the print (face, colorful side)  and the surface, where you plan to transfer the image to with Matt Varnish. As the varnish is still wet put a print face down to surface and press it. Make sure all air is gone underneath the print, stick it well! Let it dry at least for 1 hour.
  8.  Pour water on the print and roll off the paper with fingers. You should see a vintage style print transferred to your wooden surface.
  9. glue napkin from center to edges

    glue napkin from center to edges

    Cut a motif out of a napkin. Place it on decorated surface and apply Daily Art Matt decoupage glue on top of the napkin. Apply glue from center to edges with a flat brush. Let it dry.

  10. With foam brush apply some Bitumen on edges of the box. Make few strokes with foam brush on the rest of the surface. This step will add depth to your decoration. But be careful not to make your object too dark.
    apply bitumen

    apply bitumen

    bitumen on transfered print

    bitumen on transferred print

  11. Mix white acrylic paint and bitumen with water. Use disposable plastic cups for thinning paint. With a brush or with toothbrush splatter thinned paint and bitumen on the surface. This is a fun point of work, control yourself not to make too much of splattering. Let the paint dry.
  12. Cover wooden box with Matt Varnish. 
    spraying liquid paint

    spraying liquid paint

    spray white paint

    spray white paint