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DIY tutorial: Chameleon frame in 3 easy steps

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This tutorial will show you how to make a unique picture frame for your photos or paintings in three easy steps using new Daily ART product Chameleon Patina. The project will take only 30 minutes for active work, and around 2 hours in total before you will be able to use the frame to decorate your house.

List of products needed

Wooden unfinished picture frame
Structure Paste Daily ART
Matt paint Daily ART (slate grey, cornflower blue, light blue, cream)
Chameleon Patina Blue Daily ART
Foam brush
Pallet knife

wooden frame

wooden frame

apply structure paste and form a pattern

apply structure paste

make lines

make relief with a pallet knife

Apply structure paste about 0.5-1 mm thickness layer to a wooden frame. Form a pattern with a pallet knife. Make few parallel lines near each corner of the frame. Let the paste dry for 2 hours.

paint with dark color

paint few spots with dark color

paint with foam brush

paint with a foam brush

add bright color

add few brighter color spots

Paint the surface with matt paints using a foam brush. The foam brush is perfect to color structure surface. Start with making few spots in a dark color (in this tutorial it is slate grey). Press slightly while painting, so that paint would color the surface evenly.

Then add bright color spots (cornflower blue). Let the paint spots overlap.Paint the rest of surface with a lighter color (light blue). Let the frame dry for 10 minutes.Take a dry foam brush and take a small amount of light color paint (cream). Lightly touch wooden frame with the foam brush. This step will evidence the structure. Let the surface dry for 5-10 minutes.

Take a chameleon patina on your finger and gently rub the surface. For chameleon effect very thin layer is enough. Chameleon patina adds gentle shine that changes depending on how the light falls on the surface.

Wait for 10 more minutes for the patina to dry. Insert your picture and find a place for your new home accessory!

applying chameleon patina blue

applying patina

chameleon blue patina fragment 2

chameleon blue patina

chameleon blue patina fragment

chameleon blue patina

chameleon paste blue fragment 3

chameleon patina

chameleon patina frame result