sea sponge painting cream color mixed with glazing medium

DIY tutorial: create background with sea sponge

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A natural sea sponge is  a  treasure for the decorator. Unlike synthetic sponges, every natural sponge has a completely unique structure. Sea sponge provides unlimited possibilities to imitate stones. This tutorial will guide you in how to create stone like surface in 5 easy steps.

For this project we will use:

  • sea sponge

    sea sponge

    Daily ART Matt Paint any two colors

  • sea sponge
  • Daily ART Glazing Medium Gloss

If you can not find a sea sponge in paints department, pick one from your drugs store. Sea sponges for the bathing will work perfectly for decoration.

  1. dip sea sponge in paper towel

    remove excess of paint with paper towel

    Place the sponge in clean water for 2-3 minutes. A sponge instantly absorbs water and becomes larger. Then thoroughly but gently squeeze it.

  2. You can use acrylic paint or glaze for faux painting. First, let’s experiment with paint. I use cream color Daily Art Matt Paint for sponging and turquoise color for the background. Dip a sponge into the paint and wipe the sea sponge with a paper towel to remove the excess of paint. 
  3. sponge painting cream color

    cream color

    Dab surface with the sea sponge. Let t it dry for  15-30 minutes. I like the result though it looks a little flat.

  4. sea sponge painting cream color mixed with glazing medium

    cream color mixed with glazing medium

    Let’s add one more layer using a glaze instead of paint. Dab glaze the same way as paint.A glaze is transparent paint. You can buy a glaze in your department store. But unless you plan sponging large wall this  is not a budget friendly decision.  How to make a glaze yourself? Take Matt or Gloss Glazing Medium. Add it to acrylic paint and just mix. 

  5. Optional. If you want more depth mix paint with Glazing medium in proportion 30/70 and apply an even layer with a brush. In the project below cappuccino color is used for background, ochre, saddle brown and chocolate colors for sponging and the glaze of ochre mixed with Glazing Medium in proportion 30/70 for the final even  layer.
    painted pot cappuchino color

    painted pot cappuccino color

    sponge painting ochre and brown

    sponge painting ochre and brown

    final result sponge painted pot

    sponge painting final result