decoupage bench spring

Decoupage tutorial: shabby chic bench “Spring”

In Decoupage by marija

See amazing tutorial shared with us by Domino Design Team

Hello! This time, I offer you to try to make something large..!  Let’s try decoupage on furniture and make a bench and a chest of drawers!

We will need:

1.     We will decorate the bench in shabby chic style and will need gentle distressing. Apply wax candle to the parts of the bench, that would naturally be worn more over the time: edges, sitting area, handles.decoupage bench spring step 2

2. Paint all the surface of the bench with Daily ART matt paint and let dry well.  I used a mix of cream color and white. When the paint is dry observe the bench. If you missed some parts or if the layer of paint is semi-transparent cover the bench with paint second time. Let the paint dry well again.decoupage bench spring step 3

3. Use sanding paper to polish gently the places where a wax candle was applied. Wax does not allow the paint to adhere to the surface well, and as you polish it the paint comes off.decoupage bench spring step 4

4. My favorite part of the project, drawing the branches of the tree. First draw the branches with a lead pencil. Mix chocolate, cream and ochre colors of matt paint to get the right shade for the branches. Paint the branches using round synthetic brush. Add some buds on the tree. 🙂decoupage bench spring step 5

5. Add more cream color to the mixture of paint we used in step 4 to make the mixture lighter to add few lighter brushstrokes to the painting. decoupage bench spring step 6

6. To paint leaves mix ochre with green and orange colors.  To add some lighter brushstrokes to the leaves add more ochre to the mixture. After you are satisfied with the leaves use the leftovers of the green mixture to splatter some paint all around the surface. decoupage bench spring step 7 decoupage bench spring step 7 painting leaves

7. Cut the birds out of the napkin and glue them to the surface using Matt Decoupage Glue. Use the colorful layer of a napkin, remove white layers. Put the birds to the surface, in a way it would look like they seat on the branches. With a flat synthetic brush apply Daily ART Matt Decoupage Glue on top of birds. Move from center to the edges of the print. Let the glue dry well.decoupage bench spring fragment 2
decoupage bench spring step 8

 8. Finally darken the edges of the bench using a sponge and Daily ART Bitumen. Daily ART Bitumen is a water based imitation of bitumen. It has no strong unpleasant odor and is not toxic. Let the surface dry.decoupage bench spring step 9

9. Finish the decoration applying Daily ART Matt varnish to all the surface. Decorate the chest of drawers in the same manner as the bench. 🙂decoupage bench spring fragment finaldecoupage bench spring face