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Tutorial using structure paste : imitating scrimshaw

In Home decor by marija

Happy to present tutorial showing how to imitate scrimshaw by Irina Kulik  company “Domino”.

Hello, dear decorators! I will show you today how to make scrimshaw imitation.  I hope you will like it and use this technique in your projects. I will use following products:

1. Begin with the preparation of the surface. Cover the surface with Daily ART Primer White. The primer will ensure better adhesion of structure paste to the surface. Daily ART Primer will also prevent Matt Paint from absorbing to the surface too much, so we will make only one coat of paint instead of usual two later in this project. Let the primer dry naturally, or heat with hair dryer.

structure paste prime surface

2. Put a stencil to the surface. If you use non-adhesive stencil stick it to the surface, so that it would not move with double sided tape. With palette knife apply Daily ART Structure Paste all over the stencil. Take away the stencil carefully, not to ruin the pattern. Let Structure Paste dry well and make the pattern with use of stencil at the sides of the box.

Structure Paste application tips:

You can paint the Structure Paste before application to pastel colors by adding Matt Paint, or make bright and deep colors by adding Daily ART Pigment Paste to it. Use colored Structure Paste to make relief paintings and mosaics imitation. Usually Daily ART Structure Paste dries in 2-24 hours, depending how thick the layer is. When using a stencil the layer is not very thick and  2 hours should be enough. When the paste is dry it becomes matt.

If you use a stencil with fine lines, or if Daily ART Structure Paste was already used and got thicker over the time, add some water to the paste and mix. You can safely add up to 5 % of water. Never add more, as the Structure Paste can crack after it is dry. Alternatively you can add any type Daily ART Varnish up to 10 % to the paste. I prefer adding varnish. After mixing with varnish, Structure Paste stays elastic and it is easier to apply. If you add water the feeling is not the same.

structure paste stencil

3. After the Structure Paste is dry paint all the box with Matt Paint. I use cream color for this step. Let the paint dry well.

structure paste painting

4. Now I will apply glaze to make the relief to stand out. To make a glaze ( transparent paint) I first get the shade of color I want by mixing cream, chocolate and citrus colors, and then add Glazing Medium. I mix in proportion 2 parts of Daily ART Matt Paint to 1 part of Daily ART Glazing Medium. You can change the proportion. More Glazing Medium will make the mixture more transparent. Experiment to find out the proportion that is right for you.

I also add about 10 % of Daily ART Drying Time Extender to the mixture. It makes the glaze dry slowly. In this way, I am sure that I have enough time to work. For a small surface, you do not need Time Extender, but if you will do a larger surface it is a must.  Apply mixture to one side of the box.

glazing medium over structure paste

applying glazing medium over structure paste5. While the glaze is still wet wipe the surface with a paper towel.  If you wipe the glaze at once you will get light shade. If you wait for few minutes the shade will be more intense. Apply the glaze to only one side of the box at the time. Wipe it, make sure you like the result and only then move to the other side. Let the glaze dry before moving to the next step.

structure paste and glazing medium,

6. Cover all the surface with Daily ART Matt Varnish to protect decoration from dirt and scratches. Let it dry.  The varnish will be dry to the touch in 2 hours. But wait for 5-7 days before using your box. The varnish becomes completely dry only in couple days. Only then you can safely wash the decoration with a wet cloth in case it gets dirty.

structure paste cover with varnishstructure paste fragment 2structure paste full