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Velvet paste 2 amazing tutorials: malachite and jasper imitation

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This two amazing tutorials on creating the imitation of precious stones on any hard surfaces are created by Irina Kulik, for company Domino.

Imitation of malachite

First we will  imitate  malachite. I will use the following in this tutorial:

1. The first step is the preparation of the surface for decoration. Prime the surface with Daily ART Primer White for Velvet Effect Paste to adhere better to the surface. vlevet paste daily art 1

2. Use color malachite of Velvet Effect Paste to cover all the surface. Do it with a palette knife. Do uneven layer. Do short strokes in different directions. Let the strokes overlap. My box has relief edges  that I will not decorate in this step.vlevet paste daily art 2

3. While malachite color is still wet add few strokes of other colors of Velvet Effect Paste. Blend colors to get the gradient effect. Let the paste dry.
vlevet paste daily art 4vlevet paste daily art 5vlevet paste daily art 8vlevet paste daily art 9

4. Use small size, for example, size 0, round brush to paint few lines, spots and dots on the surface. I use Daily ART Matt Paint for this step colors dark brown, dark green. In few places blend lines and spots with your finger. Let the colors dry.vlevet paste daily art 6vlevet paste daily art 7

5. Mix  few colors of Daily ART Matt Paint: ultramarine+monsoon+dark green and paint inside of the box with these colors. Add few spots with monsoon color and with ultramarine.  Let dry.vlevet paste daily art 10

6. Cover with Daily ART Gloss Varnish and let dry.vlevet paste daily art 11
vlevet paste daily art tutorialvlevet paste daily art fragment

Tutorial Jasper Jewelry Box

velvet-paste-daily-art-jasper-1.jpg 28/09/201556 kB 604 × 401 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL http://dailyart.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/velvet-paste-daily-art-jasper-1.jpg Title velvet paste daily art jasper 1

In this tutorial I use:

1. Prime the surface with Primer White. Let it dry naturally, or use a hair dryer.

2. My box has nice relief edges that look fantastic but are hard to decorate with paste. In this step I will not decorate them. I will decorate the edges later with Matt Paint. Apply jasper color Velvet Effect paste to all the surface. Change the angle at which you hold palette knife and make few strokes on paste Velvet Effect to form the stone-like pattern. While the layer of Paste Velvet Effect is still wet add few spots of other colors of Velvet Paste.  Do different size spots, in this way the imitation of jasper will be realistic. Let the paste dry.

velvet paste daily art jasper 3velvet paste daily art jasper 4velvet paste daily art jasper 6

3. Now I will decorate the inside part of the box and the edges. Paint it with Daily ART Matt Paint, mix saddle brown and chocolate colors for this step. While the paint is wet with round brush add few spots with colors  saffron, saddle brown and chocolate.  Let the paint dry.

velvet paste daily art jasper 7velvet paste daily art jasper 8velvet paste daily art jasper 9

4. Use round brush and white paint to add few lines on the surface decorated with Velvet Effect Paste. Let the paint dry.velvet paste daily art jasper 10

5. To add more depth to the top of the jewelry box, cover the top part with a thick layer of Daily ART Epoxy Resin.  Here you can find information on how to use Daily ART Epoxy resin. It is very important to follow all the instructions when you mix Epoxy Resin, and read precaution information. Leave the box for 24-48 hours for Epoxy Resin to harden.

velvet paste daily art jasper 11

Here is the final result. I hope you will try this decoration technique.

velvet paste daily art jasper fragmentvelvet paste daily art jasper fragment 3velvet paste daily art jasper fragment 2velvet paste daily art jasper final