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Gilding tutorial: Christmas Bauble

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daily art anna korszewskaThis wonderful project author is artist and decorator Anna Korszewska.

Products used:
MDF board
Plastic Stencil, Glitter
Daily ART Primer Brick
Daily ART Gilding Glue & Gilding Varnish
Daily ART Metal Leaf Flakes & Bitumen
Daily ART Relief Pen Glossy White

Step 1.
I used an MDF board, cut to a bauble shape. At the very beginning, start with the priming. For this purpose I used Daily ART Primer Brick which levels the surface perfectly and increases the adhesion of paint and glue. Brick color is a perfect base for gilding.
daily art tutorial gilding 1
Step 2.
Now, cover everything with Daily ART Gilding Glue. The glue is milky but it turns to transparent when dry. Wait until the milky film completely disappears. The longer the glue dries, the more sticky it becomes – gently touch the surface and see how your finger ‘adheres’.

The painted object should be left to dry naturally! Do not use the dryer to speed up the drying process!

After 30 minutes, you can start applying the metal leaf flakes. I chose gold-copper flakes for my design. Apply the flakes with your fingers or using a soft brush.
daily art tutorial gilding 2daily art tutorial gilding 3
Step 3.
Cover the flakes with 1-2 coats of Daily ART Gilding Varnish. The varnish will protect the flakes from oxidation. When the gilding varnish is still wet, sprinkle the glitter onto your bauble. It will add even more sparkle to your design. The glitter will blend into the varnish. daily art tutorial gilding 4daily art tutorial gilding 5

Step 4.
After Daily ART Gilding Varnish is dry, decorate your board using a stencil. I used Daily ART Bitumen and a sponge brush. In addition, I darkened the edges and the holder with bitumen. daily art tutorial gilding 7daily art tutorial gilding 6

Step 5.
Finally, I stuck 3 glitter stars onto the board and used a white Daily ART Relief Pen to add dimension. daily art tutorial gilding 8

Your beautiful Christmas Bauble is ready! It shines with a gold sparkle and shimmers with glitter. Soon, it will decorate your Christmas tree 🙂 daily art tutorial gilding 9