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Tutorial structure paste : bracelet

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Here’s a simple idea for a spectacular bracelet by Anna Korszewska.daily art anna korszewska

Products used in the tutorial:
Bitumen Daily ART
Structure Paste Daily ART
Chameleon Patina Daily ART color violet
Wood Stain Daily ART color honey

Gloss Varnish Daily ART
Wooden bracelet, palette knife, brush, sponge brush

Step 1
Apply a layer of structure paste to wooden bracelet with palette knife.

daily art tutorial structure paste 1
Step 2.
While the paste is wet form a doodle ornament with a toothpick. Let the Structure Paste dry well. Depending on the thickness of layer paste will need between 2-24 hours to dry.

Tip: Structure paste is s thick product and after you opened a jar and used it partially it can get too dry while storing. But you do not need to use up the whole product each time. To prevent the product from drying out in the jar, just add a few drops of any Daily Art Varnish after each use.  Add the varnish to the paste, mix thoroughly and close the jar. This will make our paste stay fresh. daily art tutorial structure paste 2

Step 3.
Once the paste is dry, polish the surface with sandpaper to make the surface smooth and remove any sharp edges.daily art tutorial structure paste 3
Step 4.
Color the bracelet using water based Wood Stain. I use honey color. The wood stain dries about 3-5 h. daily art tutorial structure paste 4daily art tutorial structure paste 5
Step 5.
Gently rub the bracelet with Daily ART Patina. I took violet Chameleon Patina for this step. It gives a delicate, pearly luster, which changes depending on the angle of light falling on the surface. Get a small amount of the patina on sponge brush and gently touch the bracelet with the brush. If you take too much of patina on your sponge or put too much effort the patina will get into the bracelet’s carvings. daily art tutorial structure paste 6
Step 6.
Finally create aging effect using Daily ART Bitumen. Use sponge brush and small amount of Bitumen to tint the edges . Tint the edges heavily, while putting very small amount of bitumen on the rest of bracelet. Make few gentle movements without any effort, not to cover cover completely the patina effect added in step 5.daily art tutorial structure paste 7daily art tutorial structure paste 8
Step 7.
Protect the bracelet using gloss varnish and enjoy your piece of art! daily art tutorial structure paste 9 daily art tutorial structure paste 12daily art tutorial structure paste 11