Daily ART Crackling Mediums and Lacquers are winning hearts of artists and crafters due to the easy application, quick drying time and water based non-toxic and low odor formulation. Hobby crafters love the fact that Daily ART Crackling Mediums and Lacquers can be used on any surface including glass and plastics. 100 ml of the product is enough to cover 1 -1,5 square meters of a primed surface. Due to high demand for Crackling products Daily ART produces them in sizes ranging from 30 ml to 300 ml.  Every bottle of size 30 ml,60 ml, and 120 ml contains picture illustrating the shape of cracks you will get with the product.

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Web Crackling

Water based two-step clear transparent lacquer to create an especially thin crackling effect. The effect will be like cracks in a porcelain.

Web Crackling Set

  1. Apply Web Step 1 on a primed surface. Step 1 will stay very sticky after it dries.
  2. When it becomes dry and transparent (approx. in 30 min but it may vary from 15 min to 2 hours depending on temperature in the room and layer thickness) apply Step 2.
  3. Wait for 4-12 hours  cracks to appear
  4. Evidence cracks with pigment. Daily ART Metallic Pigments or Daily ART Matt Pigment, Daily ART Patina.
  5. After 48 hours cover with acrylic varnish Daily ART.

Attention! Never use a hairdryer for Step 2 Web Crackling. Step 2 Web Lacquer dries longer than Large and Small, but this is the necessary process to form especially elegant cracks.

daily art crackling lacquer smallCrackling Lacquer Large & Crackling Lacquer Small 
Large Crckling Set

Daily ART Crackling Lacquers Large and Small are the same product in different modification. Easy to use quickly drying water based two-step clear transparent lacquer to create the classic crackling effect. The Large set has a stronger Step 1, and thicker Step 2, to get larger cracks and the Small set is for getting smaller size effect. The size of cracks also depends on the thickness of application of Step 2 and temperature in the room. You can use Step 1 Small together with Step 2 large and vice versa. 

  1. Apply Step1 on a primed surface. .
  2. Wait till Step 1 lacquer becomes dry and transparent. Depending on the thickness of layer and temperature in a room it can take from 15 min to 2 hours. in most cases drying time is 30 minutes. Step 1 will stay very sticky after it dries.
  3. Apply Step 2 and wait till it dries.
  4.   After 2-4 hours surface will dry and cracks appear.
  5. Optional. Evidence cracks with Daily ART Metallic Pigments or Daily ART Matt Pigment, Daily ART Patina or Daily ART Bitumen. If you use pigments proceed to step 6 at once. If you use Patina or bitumen leave decorated surface to dry for 1-2 hours.
  6. Finish craftwork with Daily ART Gloss, Matt, Satin, or Patina Varnish.

Crackling Lacquer Colored Step 2

Opaque, non-transparent colored Step 2. Use with Step 1 Large 

 Color chart consists of 16 glossy colors and 5 pearl  colors.

Can I use a hairdryer to fasten the drying time?

You can use a hairdryer. Be careful not to overheat the product. If you use a hairdryer for Step 2, cracks will always be a smaller size, then if you leave it to dry naturally.

What is the difference in using Daily ART Metallic Pigments or Daily ART Matt Pigment, Daily ART Patina or Daily ART Bitumen?

 Metallic Pigment Dark GoldDaily ART Metallic Pigments or Daily ART Matt Pigment  is the easiest way to contrast cracks. Cracks appeared after use of two-step Daily ART Crackling Lacquers are sticky while the rest surface is glossy and smooth. Dry pigment powder fills cracks and sticks to them, leaving glossy smooth parts uncovered. You have unlimited working time with this product.

Patina is another choice for evidencing crackling effect. Patinas are liquid semitransparent wax products with pearl shimmer and long drying period. Patina covers not only the cracks but all the surface. A thicker layer of Patina concentrates in cracks resulting in deeper color while the rest of surface gains gentle transparent shimmer. Working time 5-20 minutes depending on effect wanted. Leave the surface to dry for 1 hour after use of Patina.

DA14103000 bitumen 50 ml 600x600Bitumen This liquid product has stronger covering than Patinas and results in natural dark brown cracks with no haze or shine. Cover small areas and wipe at once. Working time 5-15 minutes.

Why do you have to cover crackling effect with varnish after evidencing cracks?

Cracks stay very sticky. Over time, they will attract dust. Acrylic varnish protects decorated surface from scratches, dust, and grease.

Project by Anna Korszewska

Project by Anna Korszewska, member of Stonogi Design Team  find full project  here

Country Crackle Medium

Water based one step crackle medium to create natural looking cracks. The thickness of the layer of Daily ART Country Crackle and Daily ART Matt Paint influence size of cracks. Sizes: 30 ml,60ml,120ml,300ml. 

  1. Daily ART Country Crackle MediumPrime surface with acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Apply coat of Daily ART Country Crackle Medium. Remember the direction, you applied the Medium. Let dry for 1-2hours.
  3. Apply contrast color matt paint “Daily ART”.   The result will differ depending on the direction of brush strokes and tools used. Many artists prefer applying Matt Paint in perpendicular direction. Find detailed information  in article Country crackle medium application tips
  4. Cover decorated surface with Daily ART Gloss, Matt, Satin or Patina Varnish to protect the surface from scratches and dirt.