Jeweler’s grade crystal clear resin to cover any hard clear and dry surface and for casting.  Use alone or add decorative details, sand, glitter, etc. Color with Pigment Paste Daily ART or Pearl Paint Daily ART.  Does not contain solvents, has no unpleasant odor. Epoxy resin is very liquid at the beginning of mixing, that ensures that fewer air bubbles are formed during mixing and most bubbles leave the mixture for 5 minutes after mixing.

epoxy resin varnish on tray

Project by Katarzyna Stonogi Design Team, full project

Epoxy Resin 90 ml

Set 90 ml contains Part A 2×30 ml Part B 1×30 ml

 Epoxy Resin 180ml

Set 180 ml contains Part A 2×60 ml Part B 1×60 ml

Epoxy resin 360 ml

Set 360 ml contains Part A 2×120 ml Part B 1×120 ml

  • stonogi epoxy like varnishUse as thick gloss varnish imitating glass.
  • The Perfect way to cover decoupage projects. Cover paper with glue or varnish first and leave to dry before application of epoxy resin. Otherwise, epoxy resin can leave a greasy stain on the paper.
    • Imitate ceramic surface in freestyle. Mix few color of epoxy. Let them thicken. Pour on a surface and mix a little on the surface to create patterns. The surface will look like glazed ceramics.Epoxy
  • epoxyMosaics Imitation. Draw a grid with Universal Pearl Pen. Let it dry. Color Epoxy resin, let it thicken for 20 minutes. Fill in the space between lines made with Universal Pearl Pen. Use few colors to fill space or add glitter and other decoration details.
  • Use molds to create small decor objects
    • Cover polymer clay jewelry
  • Fill in pendant with thick epoxy to create cabochon
  • Color with pigment paste and use as transparent paint for glass


  1. Prepare space and tools for mixing Epoxy resin. Get 1 clean container, plastic gloves, disposable stick for mixing. Read instruction and safety precautions before work. Do not mix more than 50 ml of Epoxy resin at once. Mix only the amount you need for a particular project. Epoxy resin cures during the reaction of two components, therefore, the mixture will get hard even in a closed container!
  2. Pour the Part B Hardener into Part A Resin in proportion 1B:2A. Use a stir stick to gently fold the two parts together mixing well for 2-5 minutes. Mix slowly to avoid formation of air bubbles. The mixture will look streaky in the beginning and after 2-5 minutes of mixing it should look clear. Use a disposable stick for mixing epoxy parts and spreading it on the surface as you will not be able to clean it later.
  3. Leave mixture for 5 minutes. In case few air bubbles were formed by mixing they will leave mixture.
  4. Once the resin is mixed, you have 20-30 minutes before it starts to thicken. Wait till Epoxy Resing is thick enough for your project. Pour on a surface and leave to dry for 24 hours.
  5. If you want matt finish, polish decorated object with abrasive paper. Wait 7 days for the reaction of two components to be complete, before polishing for health safety reasons.


  • 5 minutes liquid
  • 20-minutes it is thicker liquid
  • 40 minutes thick gel
  • 6 hours the object is dry but is elastic, easily damaged
  • 24 hours hard object
  • 7 days 100 % cured object


  • Wear gloves.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Work in well-ventilated place.
  • Keep out reach of children
  • Do not mix more than 50 ml at once.
  • Keep container tightly closed and at temperature +5-25° C.
  • Use within 6 month after first opening.