Water based fabric sculpting hardener and glue for any textiles or laces. Perfect choice for sculptors, mixed media artists, decoupage crafters, interior designers, jewelry makers. Daily ART Fabric hardener is colorless and transparent after it dries. Depending on the thickness of application and fabrics used drying time ranges from 5 hours to 5 days. Daily ART Fabric Hardener can be used for any fabrics. Size : 100 ml , 300 ml

Fabric hardener 100 ml

  1. Optional. Color hardener to any color with pigment pastes or acrylic paint while wet.
  2. Dip fabric to hardener.
  3. Drape or wrap the material around any object or wire armature and leave it to dry for 2-3 days.
  4. Optional. Paint decorated object when an object is dry.
  5. Optional.Create patina effects with Daily ART Metallic Paints and Daily ART Pearl Paints.

fabric hardener

  • Many artists prefer natural fabrics as they offer rich textures and  absorb hardener at once.
  • Fabric hardener can be colored while wet, this way your sculpture or decoration will get an even color.
  • Few drops of Daily ART Pigment Paste will provide a rich color of decorated object without thinning hardener and no influence on the hardness of decoration.
  • Daily ART Fabric Hardener can be  mixed with Daily ART Matt Paints. Adding up to 10% Daily ART Matt Paints to Daily ART Fabric Hardener will have no influence on hardness and durability of decoration made with any fabrics. For work with natural fabrics, it is possible to add up to 50%.