Permanent water based, non-toxic paint for detailed painting, stamping and stenciling on natural fabrics and fabrics containing less than 20 % synthetics. Fixed by ironing. Textile decorated with Daily ART Fabric Paint will stay soft. Use a synthetic brush for detailed painting and foam brush for stencils and stamp application. After decorated fabric is dry, fix with an iron (“cotton” setting) for 3 minutes. Wash decorated fabric in up to 40° C soapy water. The color chart consists of 11 highly pigmented colors. All colors are intermixable. Daily ART Fabric Paints can be diluted with water up to 5 %. Do not add more water, as it will have a negative effect on the durability of colors. Dilute Daily ART Fabric Paints with Daily ART Fabric Painting Medium to get transparent washable colors or pastel shades for light color textiles. When using on bright or dark textiles mix color with white to get pastel shade without influencing coverage of paint. Size: 30 ml, 60 ml fabric paint

 Color Chart

Fabric piant color chart