Gilding project by Monika Matusiewicz, Reverie-art, see full project here

Gilding is the decorative technique when a surface is covered either with metal leaf imitating gold or other precious metal or metallic Pigment. Some crafters avoid using gilding in their works as think about this technique as complicated and hard to master. Modern glues and varnishes for gilding make the process quick and easy.   Though experience had never harmed anybody, the key to  success  lies in the proper preparation of the surface before gilding. Before starting gilding process make sure the surface is smooth and has no minor scratches. In case the surface is glossy use Primer Transparent. In case the surface is porous and is not smooth prime with White Primer, Black Primer or Brick Primer. Is your object is really shabby, prime several times with sanding in between.

Gilding Glue

Very sticky water based non-toxic acrylic glue for decoration with gilding leaves, metal leaf flakes, metal or pearl pigment, or glitter. After the glue dries it stays sticky for unlimited time. Besides working with Metal leaves, flakes and pigment can be used to glue glitter and small decorative details to the surface. To wash the brush use hot water and soap. gilding glue

  1. Apply Daily ART Gilding Glue to a primed surface and leave to dry for 30 min.
  2. In 30 minutes, glue will become transparent.
  3.  Place Daily ART Gilding Leaves, or Daily ART Metal Leaf Flakes, Daily ART Pigment Metallic or Daily ART Pigment Pearl.
  4. Gently polish surface with dry cloth.
  5. Finish work with Daily ART Gilding Varnish.


gilding varnishGilding Varnish

Polyurethane water based non-toxic brush on gilding finishing used for protecting surfaces decorated with gilding foil from oxidation.  Apply to surface decorated with gilding leaves. After a gilded surface is protected from oxidation by a layer of Gilding Varnish  any water based paint or varnish can be applied on top. To protect  the surface from scratches and ensure strongest protection you can additionally apply one or two layers of acrylic Gloss, Satin, Matt, or Patina varnishes.

Gilding Leaves

Daily ART offers gilding leaves in booklet 14cmx 14cm, 25 leaves sets and 5 leaves sets

gilding leaves silver

gilding leaves gold

gilding leaves copper

DA12862631 Metal flakse 2 g gold-copperMetal leaf flakes  2g

Daily ART  metal leaf flakes for gilding in gold, silver, copper and in mixes of colors packed in 100 ml jar. Every jar contains 2 g of metal leaf flakes.

Metallic Pigment Pale GoldMetallic Pigment

Dry Metallic Pigment for gilding and mixing with any clear medium, adding  to epoxy resin, gloss varnish, or paint. Perfect to use for evidencing cracks appeared after applying crackling lacquer.