3 D Pens and Pastes with sparkling glitter!

This versatile product line will let you add sparkle to any surface including textile. Apply and leave to dry for 24 hours. When applied to fabric, wash fabric to remove any softeners before decorating. Wash decorated fabric in 40° C temperature. Do not use fabric softener. Wait 24 hours before wearing your decorated fabrics.

Glitter is always in trend . But no matter how you might love glitter on projects, you can not love the mess it makes. Long after your project is completed you find it is flaking off and it is everywhere. Try Glitter Paste by Daily ART and 3D Glitter Pen. This is a thick transparent 3D embossing gel with glitter flakes. In the jar the paste looks milky, but once it is dry you get absolutely transparent shiny finish. All the glitter will stay on your project!

Glitter Pen 3 D Blue, bottle with fine applicator 25 mlGlitter Paste Gold, jar 50 mllitter Paste Blue, jar 50 mldaily art 3 d glitter pen

daily art glitter paste colors