Mediums are transparent liquids to change properties of finish and possibilities of application of Daily ART Matt, Daily ART Pearl, and Daily ART Metallic Paints. Using mediums will sufficiently broaden your possibilities while saving your budget.

Glazing Medium Matt & Glazing Medium Gloss

Same product in matt and gloss finish
Water based clear medium when mixed with acrylic water based paint creates a semitransparent glaze. Gloss Medium adds gloss to Matt Paint not changing the gloss of Pearl and Metallic Paint. Matt Medium acts another way around changing gloss of Pearl and Metallic Paint while not influencing finish of Matt Paint.

  • Glazing Medium Matt faux finishes
  • gradient color effects
  • antiquing.

Why can’t I just add water to matt paint to get transparent finish? 

If you dilute the paint with water and apply two layers, they will look as one thick layer of paint. If you use medium paint will become transparent and you will see brush strokes of both layers.

Drying Time Extender

 Drying Time Extender Daily ART Drying Time Extender is a water-based medium that extends the drying and blending of a water based acrylic paint. Helps make blending and stroke work easier.As acrylic paint dries quickly artists and decorators often wish to have longer working time to create complex effects. Add 5 to 30% of Extender to paint, depending on how much more time you need to work on your project. Adding 30% will prolong drying time up to 4 hours depending on the thickness of the layer.

Candle Painting Medium

Candle Painting MediumWater based clear medium transforms your Daily ART matt paint into candle paint. Daily Art Candle Painting Medium ensures adhesion of paint to a candle. While candle burns decoration is not burning, but melting. Candle painting medium gives a wax look to your decor.

  1. Mix Candle Painting Medium in equal parts with your Daily Art Matt Paint.
  2. Apply to the candle and leave to dry for 12hours.

Fabric Painting Medium

Fabric Painting MediumWater based clear medium transforms your „Daily ART” Matt Paint into durable washable textile paints. Wash in soapy water (up to 40° C). Use on natural fabrics only or fabrics with up to 20% synthetics. Avoid using 100 % acrylic fabrics.

  1. Mix Textile Medium in equal parts with your color.
  2. Apply to textile and leave to dry for 12 hours.
  3. Fix with an iron („cotton“ setting) for 3 min.