Water-based ink spray for scrapbooking,  fabric decor and mixed media projects. Use with or without stencils and masking materials to create unique backgrounds on porous surfaces. To prevent sprays from blocking, spray clean water through the nozzle until it runs clear after every use. Wipe the nozzle clean.



Daily ART Mixed Media Sprays are acid-free you can safely use them for the decoration of paper. Use to create cards,  journal pages, and background washes. Sprays will dry in gloss or matt finish depending on the type of paper used. Make flowing effects on coated paper and choose matt paper that absorbs water well for stenciling and using masks.

daily-art-mixed-media-spray-fabric-decorationFabric Decor

Use Daily ART Mixed Media Sprays  to decorate any natural fabrics containing up to 20 % synthetics. You do not need to fix the decoration. The decorated fabric will remain soft. Let decorated fabric dry well. After 24 hours, you can wash decorated fabrics in up to 30 °C soapy water.

See tutorial showing how to use Mixed Media Sprays to decorate a T-shirt.

Mixed Media Vintage Sprays  only for the decoration of  light color fabrics while Mixed Media Glimmer Spray and   Chameleon Spray for both light and dark color fabrics.  

Home decor


Use Daily ART Mixed Media Sprays for the decoration of any porous surface such as paper, clay, surfaces painted with Daily ART Vintage Paint. After the object is dry cover protect the surface from scratches and dirt with Dialy ART Triple Thick Gloss, Gloss, Satin, Matt, or Patina Varnish.

Vintage Spray

Concentrated colorant ink spray. When used on fabrics choose white or pastel color fabrics. On other less absorbent surfaces apply on any color background.
daily art mixed media vintage spray color chart

Glimmer Spray

Contains pearl pigments that add a subtle glimmer to projects  on  light and dark surfaces.daily art mixed media glimmer spray color chart

Chameleon Spray

Contains interferent pearl pigments that add a subtle glimmer to projects and changes appearance depending on how light falls on the surface. Use on light and dark surface.daily art mixed media chameleon spray color chart