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  • High pigment load for outstanding coverage in just one coat.
  • 10 deep and bright colors that you can mix to create numerous tints and shades.
  • Works great with stencils and stamps, can be mixed with water for painting or flowing effects.
  • Patina is waterproof when dry. Feel free to stamp on the surface decorated with patina, or apply paint or varnish.

Daily ART is proud to present new colors of one of the most versatile products Patina! Patina is safe and easy to use wax based  paint with pearl luster for any porous surface perfect for any scrapbooking, mixed media or decoupage project. Apply Patina with a painting knife, sponge, brush or finger. You will get different look for every tool you use! After the patina is dry polish the surface with soft cloth for more luster.

Chameleon Patina

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Rub on containing no solvents wax patina with chameleon pigments that create gentle shine and change the appearance depending on how light falls on the surface.Can be used for evidencing cracks. Apply by finger or with a dry cloth and let dry. Patina is removable with water during 30 minutes and is waterproof after dry. For decoration of glossy surface prime with  Black, White, or Brick primer or with Vintage Paint first, or use Chameleon Varnish instead. Available in 25 ml. Colors: red, blue, green, violet, gold.

Patina medium

patina medium mixed with metallic pigmentNon-toxic, containing no solvents water and wax based transparent medium. Mix patina medium with metallic pigments to get a rub on wax paint for any porous surfaces. Use the mixture during 30 minutes, otherwise pigments might tarnish. Packaging: 50 ml.

Metallic pigments

DA12601640 Metallic Pigment Copper 600x600Fine metallic powder providing excellent luster and shine to your projects. Numerous ways to sure this project makes it an essential for decoupage, scrapbook, jewelry making and home decor crafters.

  • Evidence cracks appeared after Large, Small or Web crackling lacquer
  • Mix with Daily ART gloss varnish to make liquid metal and apply to any surface. Use the mixture at once, after few hours pigments can tarnish.
  • Mix with Daily ART patina medium to create rub on paint for any porous surface. 20 % of metallic pigment mixed with 80% ( half jar of metallic pigment to 50 ml of patina medium) of the patina medium will provide stunning shine and one coat coverage to any porous surface. Use the mixture at once, after few hours pigments can tarnish.
  • Apply to baking polymer clay projects before baking.
  • Mix with paints and varnishes to add metallic shine. When mixing with water-based products use at once.


bitumen Water based bitumen imitation to create an antique look and evidence cracks on any surface. Perfect for  gilded surfaces. Daily ART bitumen is permanent and does not require finishing. However, if you want to, the surface decorated with Daily ART Bitumen can be covered with acrylic varnish after the Daily ART Bitumen is dry. Use a sponge or a foam brush to apply bitumen to the surface. If you put too much of Daily ART Bitumen and the surface looks too dark wipe off with a paper towel.

Color Chartmetallic pigments color chart

Matt pigment

matt pigmentMatt pigment for evidencing cracks appeared after Large, Small or Web crackling lacquer.

Color chart

pigment matt