Pearl paint EN
All purpose water based non-toxic paint that gives your projects the pearl shine for a decoration of  any surface. The paint contains mica pigment also called pearl pigment that provides elegant vivid shine.  The color chart consists of 14 intermixable colors, that can be blended  with water or Daily ART Mediums for acrylic paints.

  • pearl group enFor even application use foam brush to cover surface in one coat
  • For semitransparent layer and patina effects use synthetic brush
  • For application with stencil use foam brush, stencil brush or pallet knife
  • For application with stamps use a foam brush or stamping  pad. 
  1. Apply to clean dry surface and leave to dry for 3 hours.
  2. When used on fabrics including silk leave to dry for 24 hours and fix with an iron for 5 min using setting recommended for fabric. Wash fabrics decorated with Daily ART Pearl Paint in up to 40°C soapy water.When used on glass or porcelain leave to dry for 24 hours and fix in an oven for 1 hour with the temperature set at 140° C.