Primer is used as a basis prior to painting or structural paste.  Daily ART paints can be used without primer as they adhere to surfaces well. However primer will ensure smooth and even application of paint first layer to slick surfaces, block paint from soaking into porous surfaces and ensure durability of decorated object. Using primer saves your paint and time.


Water based primer to various porous surfaces, such as canvas, cardboard, wood, and ceramics. Levels out minor imperfections of surface and ensure good adhesion of paint to surface. Apply and leave to dry. Polish surface if needed. Several layers of primer can be applied to achieve especially smooth surface. Apply the prepared surface and let dry for 1-2 hours.

  • DA12203120 Primer Black 300 ml 600x600
    • Binds well with the paint-coated surface
    • Primer creates a layer that prevents the paints to penetrate the surface of the forthcoming . It saves time and paint to cover the paint evenly.
    • Smooths out small bumps in the decoration on the surface.
  • Sand easily .


primer transparentFast drying water based primer and sealer is used for various hard, slick and glossy surfaces, such as ceramics, glass, plastic or previously decorated surfaces. It improves adhesion of acrylic paints and structure pastes and ensures smooth and even application of paint and decorated object durability. Primer is absolutely transparent and perfect to use for reverse decoupage on glass. It is equally durable as a sealer for exterior and interior projects.