Universal thick structure pastes to create dimensional structures to various hard surfaces, such as canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, modeling clays, polystyrene, metal, and stone.It is important to prime glossy surfaces before use of structure paste. Before the application of structure paste to glossy surface White, Black or Brick Primers are recommended. Universal structure paste drying time is 2-24 hours. All Daily ART pastes can be colored with Daily ART Pigment Paste while wet or with Daily ART Acrylic Paint when dry. If structure paste is too thick for your project thin it with Daily ART Gloss, Matt, Satin or Patina Varnish.

Structure Paste

Fine paste for relief effects  perfect to use with stencils and stamps. Size :50ml, 100 ml, 300 ml

Structure Paste

  1. Make sure object  for decoration is clean and dry. If an object is smooth and glossy prime it.
  2. Apply structure paste and make relief with any artistic tool, or moisture stamp with water and press stamp info surface. For working with a stencil use pallet knife.
  3. Cover the surface with matt paint, or varnish Daily ART.[ line]

Grained Structure Paste

Grained structure paste for rough textures decor. Ideal for snow imitation. Size :50ml, 100 ml, 300 ml

  1. Grained Structure Paste

    grained structure paste

    Apply structure paste on a clean primed surface and let dry.

  2. Leave to dry for  2-24 hours depending on the thickness of the layer.
  3. Paint with Daily Art Acrylic Paints, add shine with Metallic Paint.

Structure Paste Antique

Crackling structure paste for decorative works any non-elastic primed surfaces. .Size :50ml, 100 ml, 300 ml 

  1. Structure Paste Antique
     structure paste antique

    structure paste antique

    Apply thick uneven 2-3 mm layer with the pallet knife

  2. Dry with a hot hair dryer for 10 min.
  3. Leave to dry for  2-24 hours Depending on the thickness of the layer.
  4. Paint the surface or use Bitumen to evidence crack appeared.
  5. Varnish surface

Pigment Paste

Water-based pigment paste to color any water-based decorative materials. Color any water based paint, varnish, structure paste, or other water-based mixture, such as concrete, gypsum to light or bright colors.

pigment paste

  • Add no more than 10 percent of mixture weight to paint,
  •  up to 15 percent to other mixtures.
  • Can be used to color Epoxy Resin Daily ART. Add few drops to Part A before mixing with component B.

Why using pigment paste to color structure pastes and mixtures instead of adding matt paint?

You can add only limited amount of liquid paint to the mixture, otherwise the mixture will become a liquid and will not form structure. Therefore, you can only get very light colors with matt paint. Pigment paste enables to get rich bright colors without changing the thickness of the mixture.

Use with epoxy resin

For epoxy resin to cure it is important not to change proportion of mixture (1 part B two parts A) and you cannot add any liquids to this mixture, but for a small amount of pearl paint and pigment paste. Less than a drop is enough for a transparent color. Few drops will result in deep and dark color. Epoxy resin will stay glossy.

Use with Fabric Hardener

You can use matt paint or pigment paste for coloring fabric hardener. Pigment paste will not change the features of Fabric Hardener and the object will be hard.