v1sained glass paintWater based, non-toxic ready to use transparent paint to create stained glass effect in the tube with fine applicator. All colors are intense and very bright. Colors are intermixable and can be lightened with Daily  ART Stained Glass Medium. Created for the decoration of transparent surfaces, but can be used on any clean dry horizontal surface. Use alone or create barriers with Daily ART Relief Pen. Apply with applicator tip and leave to dry. Shake well before use. Paint is dry to the touch in 4 hours. In 24-48 hours, paint dries completely to a hard, non-tacky brilliant surface.

Objects decorated with stained glass paint are for decorative purposes only.

Color Chartstained glass paint color chart

DA14102000 Stained Glass Medium 25 ml 600x600

Stained Glass Medium

Water based medium to lighten intense stained glass paint colors. Add in any proportion to Daily ART Stained Glass Paint. Do not dilute Daily ART Stained Glass Paint with water, because it will damage formula allowing to apply a thick layer of paint without cracks.