wood stainWater based stain for wood surfaces. Colors and accents wood grain structure and is used for shabby effect. Always use Wood stain directly on a clean new wooden surface. Never use primer as a primer will prevent the wood stain from absorbing to the surface. For the best preparation of wood moisture surface with water and sand it with abrasive paper or with a metallic brush.

Classic even application

  1. Cover wooden surface with Daily ART Wood Stain with brush or sponge and leave to dry.
  2. Additional layers will result in deeper color.
  3. Cover with water based varnish to protect wood stain from migrating to further decoration layers. It is very important to cover the wood stain with acrylic varnish Daily ART to block wood stain from migrating on further decoration layers.

Old wood effect

  1. Cover wooden surface with deep color Wood Stain. Leave to dry for 1 hour
  2. Cover the surface with Wood Stain White and leave to dry for 1 hour
  3. Gently sand the surface.
  4. Cover the surface with Daily ART Gloss, Matt, Satin or Patina varnish

Shabby chic

  1. spray white paint and bitumen

    wood stain shabby chic effect

    Apply deep color wood stain  leave  it to dry

  2. Cover surface with acrylic paint. Pick up white or any pastel color for this step.
  3. As a paint gets dry pigment from Wood stain will migrate to paint.
  4. After white color is dry sand with sandpaper where you want a deeper color to appear.
  5. After the surface is dry cover with Daily ART Varnish.

Color Chartwood stain color chart